Гледайте Super Bowl


Гледайте Super Bowl XLIII който ще се играе на 02/01/09    6 p.m. ET

(02.02.2009 01:00 ч. през ноща в БГ)

в Tampa Bay FLORIDA


Raymond James Stadium

  • Opened: September 20, 1998
  • Capacity: 65,000 (can be expanded to accommodate more than 75,000)
  • Luxury Suites: 200, in a wide range of sizes, offering the ultimate viewing experience
  • Surface: Grass; six-time winner of award for best field in the NFL
  • Located in the north end zone of the stadium, Buccaneer Cove encompasses 20,000 square feet and runs the entire length of the end zone concourse
  • The centerpiece of Buccaneer Cove is the majestic, 103-foot-long ship, an authentic replica of an early 1800’s pirate ship, arguably one of the most recognizable stadium features in the world:
    • Ship Length 103′
    • Ship Weight 43 tons
    • Ship Height 78′
    • Bow Detail 9’x7′
    • Ship Width 32′
    • Swords 16′ each


и ще се излъчва директно/на живо по NBC

но може да го гледате ТУК


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